Intelligent ReUse offers sustainable solutions for the further use of products seeming to be at the end of their lifecycle. We can support you with industry research in your secondhand business, the resale of your used machines and parts and advise you on selecting strategies in the area of used and remanufactured parts.
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Mission and Vision

As a service provider, Intelligent ReUse supports companies by following a global and growing trend: The demand for remanufactured and used products. One of the major reasons for this growing demand for used products is the ongoing increase in price of raw materials.
Although companies are tending to become more efficient with the use of energy and resources in their production processes, companies are having problems ensuring the supply of raw material, which becomes a growing economic risk.
Already providers and consumers are wary of the increases in prices and they are searching for more attractive alternatives. We provide to our clients the assistance required to fulfill the demand for new concepts with remanufactured and used products, to enable them to offer their customers a premium alternative for the new product.
Not only that, but through our help we are assisting in the reduction of CO2 emissions and easing the strain on the Earth's resources.