Consulting and assistance services for remanufacturing, reuse, and reconditioning businesses. We see ourselves as the specialist in restoring value in end of life products.

Our market analysis is aimed of obtaining an overview of products already on the market as well as to find potential customers and partners.

Permanent representation of your company in the used product sector. Intelligent ReUse takes over the customer search and care in close cooperation with our customers. We will focus on product presentation and cooperation contracts to guarantee business success in the long-term run.

- project management
- potential analysis
- core processing
- marketing policy
- pricing strategy

Our name "Intelligent ReUse" stands for innovative solutions. We are a highly motivated, young team working together with our partners in professional relationships with a personal touch.

- Project Management
- Methodically well-founded and at the same time creative problem-solving
- Research work
- Presentation of the results

- mediation of the remanufactured, used or reconditioned products
- costumer search and care
- constant observation and communication of market trends
- Presentation of your products on the Intelligent ReUse website